Spring 2016 Network Security (EN 600.424)


This is EN.600.424 Network Security, a graduate level course cross-listed in both Computer Science and ISI.

Time: TTh 1500
Location: Hackerman B17

About This Course

I will tell you right up front that Network Security is one of the more time intensive courses in the JHUISI program. This is by necessity. "Network Security" touches on almost every other security topic including cryptography, software vulnerabilities, and malware. But it also includes issues such as business requirements, user psychology, and economic incentives. None of these topics are covered in great detail in this course, but it is in this course that we put all of these topics together meaningfully.

At the same time, this course is also exhilarating and exciting! In a single semester, you will design and build protocols, run your own services, and try to attack your classmates! There will be intrigue, revenge, adventure, and even (fake) crypto money! If you survive, you'll be singed a bit, but better for having emerged victorious on the field of battle. 



Instructor: Seth James Nielson

Office: Malone 317
Hours: T 12-3
Course Assistant: Cameron Davis
Hours: TBA
Contact: TBA