Category: Lab 3

Crypto Tutorial

This tutorial walks you through some basic crypto operations that you’ll need for the secure layer. For most of this, I’ll be suing the¬†Python Cryptography Toolkit (PyCrypto). This module is imported as “Crypto”, although you usually import one or more submodules. Please make sure you have the right package installed. There are other packages named “crypto” that are not the right one. I’ll also be using a few Playground specific…

TUTORIAL: Stacking up Stacking Protocols

Some individuals have been asking about how to setup the “secure_stream” connection type. Some speculated that you should somehow plug it into “reliable_stream”. That is not accurate. The truth is, “secure_stream”, from the perspective of Playground, is an independent connection type. The stacking is done in the factories. For example, suppose you’ve created a new SecureStreamServer and SecureStreamClient classes in module a.b (both are StackingFactory instances that produce SecureStreamProtocol instances)….