Lab2 Grading [UPDATED 4/6/2016]

The Corporation for Human Understanding of Machine Problems (CHUMP) is interesting in buying PTCL implementations for further research and analysis. They will buy any PTCL implementation that at least performs the PTCL handshake according to the following schedule:

  • +1000BP for a protocol that handshakes
  • +2000 BP for a protocol that sends data and ACK’s it (re-transmission not required)
  • +4000 BP for a protocol that retransmits data lost or corrupted (under minimal error conditions)
  • +1000 BP for a protocol that shuts down cleanly
  • +1000 BP bonus if the “echo test” can run from start-to-finish (clean shutdown) over the top of it (minimal errors)
  • +200 BP for each run of the black-box test that it passes (up to a maximum of +2000BP)
  • +2000BP if it was a valid bake-off entry (e.g., it passed all or most blackbox tests against itself)
  • +2000BP if it competed in the bake-off (e.g., it passed at least the zero-error test against at least one other implementation)

Each of these is awarded independently. So, if your protocol handshakes and sends data/acks, it is worth 3000BP to the CHUMP.

Additionally, there are awards for the winners of the bake-off. We only had two competing teams, but for first and second place, they are awarded:

  • +6000BP for first place
  • +3000BP for second place

Each lab2 company needs to send me a short “proposal” (really just a paragraph or bullet list) that identifies which of these your protocol does and, therefore, how much you believe CHUMP should pay for. Send it by email to myself and the TA.

UPDATED 4/6/2016. I’ve doubled all the scores. You guys should get credit for all the hard work. I figured that doing the handshake should cover the cost of registration, while completing most of the functionality should cover the cost of buying a layer and then some.

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