Running a Mobile Code Server

What you need to do is start a mobile code server. You can be on literally any address, as the code will find you automatically.

python -m apps.mobilecodeservice.Server <your playground addr> <chaperone ip> <config file>

Your config file needs to have the following sections:

 bank_cert_path: <local file path to bank public cert>
 account_name: <account name you want bit points dropped into>

 connectionType: RELIABLE_STREAM

 name: Parallel TSP
 charge: 20

NOTE: You will have to update “connectionType” if the PTSP switches over to SECURE_STREAM later in the semester. Also, if we add in new parallel programs, you will need to plug in a “name” and “charge” for each one (although the section header can be named anything you want).

This is for running a server, and it’s a great way to make BitPoints.

If you would like to run your own mobile code¬†client¬†(e.g., a ptsp or something), let me know and I’ll write up instructions.

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