Playground Address Regulation


EFFECTIVE 2/25/2016

  1. 20161.0 is reserved for the PETF (including myself).
  2. 20161.1 is reserved for selling single addresses. For example, you may purchase 20161.1.10.50.
  3. 20161.2 is reserved for selling Individual Block addresses. For example, you may purchase 20161.2.10.*
  4. 20161.3-99 is reserved for selling Group Block addresses. For example, you may purchase 20161.10.*.*
  5. 20161.666 is excluded from use. These addresses should not be used at all. But, if we ever develop firewalls and routers, these could be used as internal addresses (similar to 192.168.*.*).
  6. All other 20161.* blocks can be used without restriction, but there’s no guarantee of collision free communication.
  7. Pricing for purchase determined by the PIGHEAD
  8. The owner of an address can “lease” it to anyone on his or her own terms.
I will keep current pricing on the class webpage. I’ve just posted here:
You might be wondering, if there are no enforced controls, why would it even matter? What is to prevent you from using an address you aren’t registered to use?
Well, if you think about it, you might do things on your connection that give you away. For example, if you log into the bank from a certain Playground Address, I’ll know where to find you and fine you if your address isn’t authorized.
So, as of this Thursday (2/23), please start using addresses beyond 20161.100 unless you want to purchase one.
Also, when it comes time to do the secure lab, if you need to purchase a cert for your address, it must be an address in the regulated range.
Please let me know if you have questions.

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