Welcome to Network Security Spring 2016


Welcome to another semester of Network Security Spring 2016! I hope you’ve brought your A game! This semester is going to be a blast!

This is my third time teaching the course and I’m going to be introducing some new tricks. Are you ready to start your own Software Consulting Company? In this course, you will have your own little business that earns currency called BitPoints. In the beginning, you will earn these through completely legitimate means. Later in the course, your goal will be to steal your neighbor’s points and/or the instructor’s.

You can chose to form a team. A team is just a consulting company where you and your partners pool the bitpoints you’ve earned separately. More details about this are forthcoming.

I’m also placing an increased emphasis this year on zero-day exploits. I am going to try to create a true zero-day marketplace within our own little class. Want to hack the bank and steal everything deposited that day? Maybe a zero-day will be released that you can turn into a weapon before it’s patched!

I hope you’re as excited as I am. I can hardly wait!

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